On Heatwaves and Unlikely Friendships • LITFL • Literary Medicine

In the summer time of 2013, there was a heatwave in Melbourne. I had been doing work very long days, freezing my butt off on the air-conditioned wards of a substantial, city healthcare facility. I realized it was definitely, definitely incredibly hot, although, mainly because people ended […]

bicarbonate loss and acid overload • LITFL • Podcast

The group at Medmastery are giving LITFL audience with a sequence of FOAMed classes from across their web site. Above the upcoming handful of months, we’ll be posting films from their Acid-Base Necessities class. In this video, Franz Wiesbauer describes how to differentiate involving metabolic acidosis resulting […]

Eponymous foot injuries • LITFL • Medical Eponym Library

Eponymythology: The myths at the rear of the history Eponymythology linked with symptoms, indicators, investigation and management of foot accidents. We evaluation similar eponyms, the particular person at the rear of their origin, their relevance now, and present day terminology Jones Fracture (1902) Fracture of […]