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Presented I am not a surgeon I was very amazed at the seeming myriad of article content that have investigated frequency of complications and several results of surgeries that have happened during diverse phases of the lunar cycle and less than diverse zodiac symptoms.  

Methods that have been studied in opposition to the loony, sorry, lunar cycle include: elective spinal surgical treatment (, radical cystectomy, show wave lithotripsy, living donor kidney transplantation, cataract surgical treatment (n = 16,965), among other folks.  

Pleasingly, no report located a favourable association with zodiac influence or section of lunar cycle with surgical results without a doubt, some authors went so far as to counsel that scheduling individuals for surgical treatment should really not be motivated by phases of the moon at all.  Surprisingly, none of these article content ended up printed in any Xmas editions of their journals. 

Not to be 1 to shy from some fantastic outdated fashioned superstition (this being an unexpected emergency medication blog site just after all – comprehensive moons and Friday the 13th), the Environment Journal of Surgical procedures printed a analyze in 2011 titled:

“Popular perception satisfies surgical truth: impression of lunar phases, Friday the 13th and zodiac symptoms on unexpected emergency functions and intraoperative blood reduction.”

 Their summary:

Scientific examination of our details does not guidance the perception that moon phases, zodiac symptoms, or Friday 13th influence surgical blood reduction and unexpected emergency frequency. Our details suggest that this sort of beliefs are myths far past truth

I am inclined to agree, until on an evening change the future Friday the 13th, in which case I’ll have to change all around a few occasions quite promptly and rub my fortunate rabbit’s foot. 


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